Fun for all
   with a disability

About Us

BaseCamp3030 is a Council approved BCA3 self contained respite care facility.

Basecamp3030 is also a group of volunteers who specifically run out of home overnight and day activity respite care programs for people with disabilities within Wyndham and surrounding regions out from the Basecamp3030 facility.

BaseCamp3030 can be accessed by contacting the Program Coordinator or through the many service providers that utilise Basecamp3030 for their programs.

Who are we?

BaseCamp3030 is the business name of the Werribee Baptist Church & Wyndham Community Benevolent Foundation Inc (The Foundation), a Public Benevolent Institution with tax-deductible gift recipient status.

The Foundation was put together to respond to the needs of people requiring respite care. The board has representatives from the Werribee Baptist Church, Werribee Special Links and the Community.


BaseCamp3030 is supported and run by volunteers; without volunteers supporting our Programs we would not be able to continue as we do.

So to all our volunteers we say thank you! If you are looking at volunteering with BaseCamp3030 - you will have the time of your life all while providing 'fun for all' to people with a disability.

Werribee Baptist Church (WBC) is a congregation represented by over 30 Nationalities and ethnic groups and is a constitutional member church of the Baptist Union of Victoria located in the heart of Wyndham City.

Werribee Special Links (WSL) is a non religious mutual support group of families from within the Wyndham with children with disabilities. WSL meet regularly and were the initiators of this work.

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